MAREDES gets 11-member board

AN 11-member board of directors of the Marshallan Relief and Development Services (MAREDES), a charity wing of the Noble Order of the Knights and Ladies of Marshall (KLM), has been inaugurated.

Chaired by Respected Lady (RL) Sister Elizabeth Anderson-Yebuah, it has Worthy Brother Samuel Zan Akologo as the Vice Chairman; Worthy Brother Charles Nuoriyee, the Administrator; RL Sister Clare Banoeng-Yakubo as Secretary; Worthy Bro. Peter Badimak Yaro and Bro Dr Anthony Tsekpor as members.

The rest are Sir Knight Bro. Victor Derx Baffour, Executive Director, Worthy Bro. Dr Andre Kwasi-Kuma, RL Sister Doris Bramson, Sister Agnes Gandaa and Sister Maria Luise Nartey.

Be proactive

The Supreme Knight of the Knights of Marshall, Sir Kt. Bro Ambrose Yennah, with the support of the Grand Lady of the Ladies of Marshall, Most Respected Lady, Sister Grace Budu-Smith, swore the board into office.

Sir Knight Yennah charged the members to be proactive in the discharge of their duties to make MARADES fulfil its mandate effectively.


The supreme knight charged the reconstituted board to be disciplined and be guided by the fear of God. He stressed the need for the various charity initiatives that were being carried out by MAREDES, especially in the areas of health, education and community impact projects, to be sustained.

He observed that the essence of charity was to reciprocate the love of God to the poor and needy for which reason the board members must focus on extending a helping hand to the vulnerable across the country.


The past Chairman of MAREDES, Sir Kt. Bro Eddie Prah, lauded the contributions made by the members of the previous board whom he described as the great pioneers of MAREDES.

He underscored the need for the new board to take the advocacy programmes that MAREDES had embarked on in collaboration with Charitas-Ghana and the Catholic Bishops Conference to the next level.

For her part, R. L. Sis. Anderson-Yeboah gave an assurance that the team would focus on sustaining the good works that had been started by its predecessors.

She said she would continue to rely on the rich experience of the past board members to ensure that the mission and vision of MAREDES were achieved.